WhatsApp testing new feature that lets you search by username

The feature is presently under development and it will be available in a future update of the app…reports Asian Lite News

Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature, which will allow you to search for users by their username on Android.

As shown in the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, the search bar will allow users to search for other users by their username,

This new update will enhance the process of connecting and improve privacy by eliminating the need to share personal phone numbers.

The report noted that the choice to configure a username is totally optional, and users will always have control over this feature as they can remove their current username at any time.

“Users will be able to connect with others without necessarily disclosing their phone numbers. This is particularly beneficial for those who wish to maintain a level of anonymity or control over their personal information,” the report said.

The feature is presently under development and it will be available in a future update of the app.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has launched a secret code feature for millions of users, an additional way to protect sensitive chats on its platform.

With a secret code, the users will be able to set a unique password different from what they use to unlock their phones to give their locked chats an extra layer of privacy.

“Rolling out secret code to Chat Lock on WhatsApp so you can protect your chats with a unique password. Now you can set your locked chats to only appear when you type the secret code in the search bar, so no one can unintentionally discover your most private conversations,” Meta Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said on his WhatsApp Channel.

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