G7 Condemns Russia’s ‘War of Aggression’

They further reaffirmed their pledge to provide security, financial, humanitarian, recovery, and reconstruction support to Ukraine…reports Asian Lite News

The G7 members at the group’s Foreign ministers’ meeting reaffirmed their commitment to stand with Ukraine for “as long as it takes” and unequivocally condemned Russia’s “war of aggression”.

Kamikawa Yoko, Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, hosted the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in New York City on Tuesday.

Even after a year since Russia initiated a full-scale ‘invasion’ of Ukraine, the hostilities on either side have yet to stop.

“The G7 members once again reaffirmed their commitment to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes and unequivocally condemned in the strongest possible terms Russia’s war of aggression and its violation of international law, including the UN Charter,” the US State Department said in a statement citing the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

The members also issued a strong condemnation of the escalation of attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

“Russia must withdraw its troops and military equipment from the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine immediately, completely, and unconditionally,” the G7 members added in the statement.

They further reaffirmed their pledge to provide security, financial, humanitarian, recovery, and reconstruction support to Ukraine.

“They reaffirmed their intention to work with Ukraine on specific, bilateral, long-term security commitments and arrangements. They will continue to help repair and restore Ukraine’s civil and critical infrastructure as well as to support its domestic reform efforts, especially in the fields of anti-corruption, the justice system and promotion of the rule of law, in line with its European path,” the statement added.

They informed that 29 countries and institutions have already joined this endeavour while encouraging others to follow suit.

The G7 members also condemned Russia’s staging of sham “elections” in the illegally occupied territories of Ukraine. “Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia oblasts and Crimea are part of Ukraine. They will never recognize Russia’s illegitimate claims to sovereign Ukrainian territory and call on all States to unequivocally reject them,” the statement added.

Further, highlighting the Ukrainian ‘peace formula’, the G7 members reiterated their determination to support concrete efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ukraine “including the further development of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula in line with international law.”

They further welcomed successful meetings in Copenhagen and Jeddah in this regard.

The NSA meeting on Ukraine was being organised in the coastal city of Jeddah to discuss Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s plan for peace amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The G7 members also agreed on the importance of the participants continuing to engage in this process and welcomed additional participants.

The statement said, “In this regard, the G7 members strongly condemned Russia’s unjustified and intensified attacks on Ukrainian ports and grain infrastructure in the Black Sea and the Danube. They urged Russia to stop threatening global food security and return to the international framework associated with the UN to resume grain export from Ukraine. They recalled the Hiroshima Action Statement for Resilient Global Food Security, issued by the leaders of the G7 and invited countries.”

The members reiterated their support for Ukraine’s “undeniable right” to export its grain and foodstuffs through other initiatives, including “the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes”, and its humanitarian maritime corridor.

The statement further added, “The G7 members are working with nations around the world to enhance global food and energy security, particularly by building resilience to withstand future shocks.”

Calling Russia’s threat to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus “unacceptable”, the G7 member warned that “any use of chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons by Russia would be met with severe consequences”.

The members expressed grave concern about Russia’s seizure and continued militarisation of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. They urged all countries to support the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) efforts to help strengthen nuclear safety and security in Ukraine. In this regard, they expressed support for the five principles announced by IAEA Director General Grossi in May at the UNSC.

According to the statement by the US State Department, the G7 members “reiterated their commitment to holding those responsible to account consistent with international law, including by supporting the efforts of international mechanisms, including the International Criminal Court. They supported exploring the creation of an internationalized tribunal based in Ukraine’s judicial system to prosecute the crime of aggression against Ukraine”.

Further, the members also committed to maintaining robust sanctions and other restrictions against Russia.

“They reiterated their call on third parties to cease any and all assistance to Russia’s war of aggression or face severe costs. They reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen their coordination to prevent third parties from supplying lethal support including weapons to Russia, and to respond to those that do so,” the statement added.

The G7 members also underlined their commitment to remain consistent with their respective legal systems that Russia’s sovereign assets in their jurisdictions remain immobilized until Russia pays for the “damage” it has caused Ukraine. (ANI)

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