Gaza’s Grim Reality: UNICEF Names It Most Dangerous for Kids

During the October 7 Hamas offensive into Israel, there were more than 1,200 deaths of Israeli citizens, with over 240 people being taken hostage….reports Asian Lite News

Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund has identified the Gaza Strip as the world’s most perilous location for children.

“More than 5,300 Palestinian children have been reportedly killed in just 46 days … That’s over 115 a day, every day, for weeks and weeks,” UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell said in a video on Wednesday while addressing the UN Security Council.

“Based on these figures, children account for 40 per cent of the deaths in Gaza,” she added.

“This is unprecedented. In other words, the Gaza Strip is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child,” Russell continued.

During the October 7 Hamas offensive into Israel, there were more than 1,200 deaths of Israeli citizens, with over 240 people being taken hostage.

Alternatively, the retaliatory attack on Gaza by the Israel Defence Forces has resulted in the deaths of over 12,000 Palestinians, so far, reported CNN.

Russel added that UNICEF has received reports that “more than 1,200 children” are expected to still be trapped under the rubble of bombed-out buildings after Israel’s targeted attack, as well as many children unaccounted for.

The comments come a week after Russell’s visit to Gaza. In a statement following her visit, she described “grave violations” being committed against children, including “killing, maiming, abductions, attacks on schools and hospitals, and the denial of humanitarian access.”

A ceasefire deal was announced on Tuesday morning, whereby 50 hostages of the some 200 taken during the October 7 attacks in exchange for a ceasefire, which will enable crucial humanitarian aid to enter the area and assist in-need Palestinian civilians and children.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a statement on Wednesday, confirming roughly 50 hostages abducted by the Hamas terror group in Gaza during the October 7 attack, will be released, reported The Times of Israel.

Similarly, the US President, taking to his social media X, declared that he was glad the deal was secured, adding that he was grateful that the hostages will be reunited with their families.”I welcome the deal to secure the release of hostages taken by Hamas during its brutal assault against Israel on October 7.”

The number of child deaths significantly dwarfs those of similar conflicts, including in Ukraine, 5,403 Palestinian children have died so far in the Gaza conflict whilst 83 have been killed in the Ukraine war. (ANI)

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