Islamabad’s anti-India toolkit uncovered

According to the document, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry asked its agents present across the world to gather cases of human rights violation by the Indian Army in the valley to mislead the world against India….reports Asian Lite News

Despite being in a prolonged economic crisis, Pakistan is not seen deterring from its anti-India antics. Indian intelligence agencies have recently revealed Pakistan’s conspiracy to spread a false narrative on Kashmir with the help of a toolkit.

According to sources, the fake narrative will be shared on social media and demonstrations will be organised by Pakistan’s agents present across the world.

On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity day, which is observed as a holiday in Pakistan on February 5, the country has plans to defame India at the international level.

In a document available exclusively to IANS, it was revealed that an elaborate anti-India toolkit has been prepared by the western neighbour to spread a false narrative and propaganda regarding Kashmir on social media.

The document that entails a toolkit of the conspiracy’s execution has been sent by the country’s Foreign Ministry located in Islamabad to its agents across the world.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, through faxes and emails sent to the agents between the period of January 26 and February 3, asked them to gather cases of human rights violation by the Indian Army in the valley to mislead the world against India.

Links of the videos have been shared in the document, which are to be used during demonstrations and posted on social media.

The videos depict that the Kashmiris suffer gravely at the hands of the Indian security forces deployed in the valley.

According to sources, the agents have been asked to prepare a strategy so that the false narrative gets extensive media coverage in foreign countries.

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