Modi urges youth to script a new Kerala

“During my Mann Ki Baat radio programme I do get a lot of letters and in the upcoming 100th edition of it, I will again take up the issues of the youth,” said Modi…reports Asian Lite News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking to the youths who had turned up in huge numbers on Monday evening said the BJP will always be with the youth, while the traditional fronts have failed in their duty to lift the youth.

“Over the years a lot of opportunities for the youth in Kerala were lost due to the ideological difference of opinion between two traditional political fronts. While one party gave more importance to develop their party, the other political front gave more emphasis to one family and both of them failed the youths,” said Modi.

“We the BJP are trying hard to improve exports from here, but some here are engaged in gold smuggling and are letting the youth down,” said Modi.

He said this at the SH College ground while speaking to more than 20,000 youths waiting for him.

“The country is progressing rapidly and I want Kerala also to make use of it and be part of it. I want that you the youth should script a new history for Kerala and you should take the lead for it and I am ready to follow you,” said Modi to huge applause.

He then spoke about the huge potential that tourism offers to Kerala and asked the youth to make use of it.

“During my Mann Ki Baat radio programme I do get a lot of letters and in the upcoming 100th edition of it, I will again take up the issues of the youth,” said Modi.

Turning to political issues of how the BJP is being perceived, he told the youth that the country is getting divided in the name of caste, creed, religion and the youth should come forward against it.

“Be it in northeast or in Goa, some big communities have appreciated the BJP and in Kerala also there is scope for change in this respect,” added Modi.

Modi arrived at Kochi around 5 p.m. for a two-day trip to Kerala, dressed in typical local style and surprised many when he decided to walk a good part of the 1.8 kms as part of his roadshow.

While the original programme was that he will be in a vehicle, he surprised everyone when he decided to walk down the streets.

Thousands of people were waiting for long and they were taken aback when they saw Modi walking past waving to them.

As he walked the people showered flowers on him.

After walking for about 20 minutes he got into his vehicle but stood and greeted the people waiting on either side of the road and also on top of the buildings.

He reached the venue to a tumultuous welcome and greeted the people on the dais. The star of the moment appeared to be Anil Antony, son of the country’s longest serving Defence Minister A.K. Antony, who had joined the BJP earlier this month.

Seeing Anil, Modi stopped near him, patted him on his shoulder and exchanged pleasantries.

On Tuesday he will reach the state capital to flag off Kerala’s first Vande Bharat train and launch a slew of projects. Around noon he will fly to Surat.

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