PublisHer Founder Introduces Prestigious Awards for Women in Publishing

Al Qasimi described the awards as an extension of this support system, designed to honor, elevate, and encourage women who have forged their unique paths….reports Asian Lite News

Bodour Al Qasimi, the founder of PublisHer and Kalimat Group, has unveiled the PublisHer Excellence Awards, a prestigious recognition program aimed at honoring exceptional female professionals who have left a significant mark on the publishing industry.

The announcement was made during the Sharjah Publishers Conference, leading up to the Sharjah International Book Fair, reinforcing the commitment to celebrating and empowering female leaders in the field.

In her address at the conference, Bodour Al Qasimi stressed the importance of the PublisHer Excellence Awards in advancing the mission of PublisHer to recognize and support women in the publishing industry.

She emphasized the power of women forming support networks and uplifting each other, countering stereotypes to create a thriving community.

Al Qasimi described the awards as an extension of this support system, designed to honor, elevate, and encourage women who have forged their unique paths and illuminated the way forward through their resilience, ingenuity, and vision.

The PublisHer Excellence Awards are underpinned by a three-fold mission: to celebrate women’s professional accomplishments, champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, and promote their ongoing professional development. The awards are divided into three categories:

1. Lifetime Achievement Award: This accolade is reserved for a pioneering publishing doyenne with a career spanning at least 20 years, who has made a significant and lasting impact on the industry.

2. Emerging Leader Award: Recognizing a rising star in the publishing world, aged 35 or younger, who has displayed exceptional leadership skills, big-picture thinking, and the ability to drive positive change.

3. Innovation Award: Celebrating any woman who has made an innovative contribution to the publishing industry. This could encompass areas such as storytelling and content curation, editorial leadership, management strategies, company culture, and marketing campaigns, among others.

The call for nominations is open to all and can be submitted through the PublisHer’s social media channels on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Nominations will be accepted until January 15, 2024. Following the closure of the nomination period, a panel of distinguished judges will curate a shortlist of candidates and select the award winners.

The PublisHer Excellence Awards represent a significant step toward recognizing and celebrating the remarkable contributions of women in the publishing industry, promoting diversity and equity, and fostering professional growth.

This initiative, led by Bodour Al Qasimi, aligns with the broader goals of PublisHer to amplify the voices and accomplishments of women in the world of publishing.

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