Ramaswamy asks Israel to use full might to crush Hamas

Ramaswamy invoked the 1948 holocaust, saying that the Arab countries could take Palestinians as Israel took Jews who were thrown out of 22 countries….reports Asian Lite News

Entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called on Israel to use all the powers at its disposal to eliminate Hamas from the region and advocated for Israeli actions against Hamas.

“Now is the moment for Israel to return to its founding premise: the Jewish State has an absolute right to exist. A Divine gift, gifted to a Divine nation, charged with a Divine purpose. Israel has an absolute and unequivocal right and responsibility to defend itself to the fullest, applying the only language its adversaries understand: the language of force,” he said.

Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition, Ramaswamy invoked the 1948 holocaust, saying that the Arab countries could take Palestinians as Israel took Jews who were thrown out of 22 countries.

“If Israel wants to at long last abandon the myth of a two-state solution, Israel should go ahead and abandon a 2-state solution. The rest of the Arab World can absorb Palestinians just as the Jews absorbed their people thrown out of 22 countries since 1948. The Islamic World cannot continue to condone the slaughtering of Jews while continuing to disown the Palestinians. That’s the hard truth that nobody else in either political party is willing to speak out loud to the Arab world. I will,” he said.

“I have full confidence that if left unrestrained, the IDF will be able to get the job of defending Israel done. I’ll personally hope for a successful in-and-out operation, and would love nothing more than for the IDF to put the heads of the top 100 Hamas leaders on stakes and line them up on the Israel-Gaza border as a sign that October 7, 2023 will never happen again, and then use all of its saved resources to rebuild its border defences for the future,” he added.

Meanwhile, The Israel Defence Force (IDF) on Sunday said that they are heading towards a new phase of the war against Hamas and will launch an assault from land, sea and air in Gaza.

“The Israel Defence Forces is expanding its operations. We are moving to the next phase of our war against Hamas, Gaza from the air, land and Sea. On October 7, the Hamas committed a crime against humanity. Israel is in a war it did not start and it did not seek. Hamas is attacking Israeli civilians while firing from among dozens of civilians. These are both war crimes,” he said.

In a video message, IDF Spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari reiterated that the Hamas are using civilians to protect themselves from Israeli forces and called for the civilians to move towards the south of Gaza.

He said, “Our fight is with Hamas, not with the people of Gaza. Hamas uses the people of Gaza as human shields by embedding itself among them in schools, masks and hospitals. As we have revealed.” (ANI)

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