UK Pavilion Shines at IKBF ’24: A Cultural and Literary Odyssey

Embark on hands-on activities like ‘Word Wanderer’ and ‘Eleworder,’ igniting your creative spark. Redesign book covers, immerse in sessions exploring Indianisms, and participate in dynamic library activities…reports Asian Lite News

Get ready to dive into a literary extravaganza as the highly anticipated 47th edition of the International Kolkata Book Fair (IKBF) unfolds its pages from January 18 to 31, at the Central Park in Salt Lake, Kolkata. This grand event will draw a diverse crowd—from avid readers to manufacturers, distributors, authors, and publishers—creating a vibrant tapestry of literary fervour.

In the spotlight this year is the United Kingdom, designated as the theme country for IKBF ’24. The UK Pavilion will offer an immersive experience, providing a glimpse into the rich educational, scientific, and cultural heritage of the UK.

Marking the 75th anniversary of the British Council in India, the UK Pavilion will emerge as a dynamic hub, brimming with thought-provoking activities and interactive exhibits. Step into a world teeming with cultural and intellectual treasures, celebrating this significant milestone while embracing the modern contributions of the UK to the realms of education and the arts.

Here are 5 reasons why you must visit the UK Pavilion.

Captivating Conversations: Unveiling the Power of Storytelling

Immerse yourself in Prof. Michael Wilson’s exploration of “Why Storytelling Matters” and Prof. Robert Potts’ journey into AI and robotics. Don’t miss the invigorating panel discussions on digital and slow storytelling, offering profound insights into narrative forms. Additionally, seize an exclusive opportunity to engage with esteemed authors like Roma Agarwal, Nandini Das, and Lord Meghnad Desai at the UK Pavilion. Gain firsthand insights into their celebrated literary works, creating cherished moments within the vibrant tapestry of British literature.

Interactive Cultural Engagement for Creative Expression

Embark on hands-on activities like ‘Word Wanderer’ and ‘Eleworder,’ igniting your creative spark. Redesign book covers, immerse in sessions exploring Indianisms, and participate in dynamic library activities. Experience storytelling sessions that transcend conventional narratives, weaving enchanting tales from classic literature into contemporary narratives. Let the artistry of words captivate your imagination in an immersive cultural encounter.

Journey into Language’s Future and Historical Narratives

Explore the “future of English” in a multilingual context, shattering language barriers. Engage in intriguing discussions unravelling historical connections such as “The Cult of Rammohun Roy in Georgian England, 1831–1833,” offering captivating glimpses into the past. Engage in dynamic conversations led by thought leaders, experts, and luminaries, delving into compelling topics like the significance of storytelling. Expect lively debates and insightful perspectives that foster an intellectually charged atmosphere.

Innovative Exhibits and Cultural Delights

Witness the enthralling “Future of English” exhibition, unveiling groundbreaking literary pathways. Seize exclusive book signing opportunities, relish discounts on library memberships, and capture captivating moments at the interactive doodle wall. Experience a delightful journey through a spectrum of activities at the pavilion, from vibrant art events to engaging quizzes and craft sessions. These diverse activities cater to various ages and interests, ensuring a memorable and dynamic visit to the UK Pavilion.

Immersive Tales and Activities for All Ages

Engage in storytelling sessions, art competitions, and minute-to-win games, offering entertainment and involvement for all ages at the UK Pavilion. Immerse yourself in captivating sessions that transport you into the heart of enchanting tales, from spellbinding plots of classic literature to pulse-quickening contemporary narratives, igniting inspiration through the artistry of words.

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