Savour the Season: Chef Kunal Kapoor’s Comforting Winter Soup Recipes

As the winter season sets in, the comforting warmth of a steaming bowl of soup is just what the body and soul need. Vegetable soups, especially with seasonal veggies are wholesome meals packed with essential nutrients best suited for the winter season. They not only keep you warm but also promote overall health and well-being.

Here are a few easy-to-make nutritious soups Chef Kunal Kapoor recommends this winter!

Winter Vegetable Soup

A delicious soup prepared using a range of winter veggies to create a light, yet nutritious soup, that is rich in fibre and low in fat.

Ingredients for soup:

1 ½ tbspSaffola Gold oilGarlic chopped – 2tspGinger chopped – 2tspGreen chilli chopped – 1 tspSpring onion chopped – 3tbspFlour (all-purpose) – 1 tbspCabbage chopped – ½ cupCarrots chopped – ¼ cupCorn kernels (boiled) – ½ cupCapsicum chopped – ¼ cupBeans chopped – ¼ cupGreen peas – ½ cupPotato diced (raw) – ½ cupBasil leaves – a sprigOregano – 1tspChilli flakes – 1tspThyme – 1tspSalt – to tasteVeg Stock/Water – 1ltPepper powder

For veg stock (Makes 1lt approx.)

Onion (small) – 1noGinger sliced – fewGarlic cloves – 5-6nosPeppercorns – 7-8nosBayleaf – 1noBasil – a sprigRosemary – a sprigThyme – a sprigBeans with trimmings – 1cupCarrot dices & trimming – ½ cupBroccoli & trimmings – ½ cupBroccoli steam – 1 small pieceCauliflower & trimmings – ½ cupCauliflower stem – 1small pieceCelery sticks – 2 small piecesTomato trimmings – a handfulWater – 3lts

Steps to follow:

Heat Saffola Gold Oil in a pan with chopped garlic and ginger. Add green chillies and spring onions to this and continue to stir for another minute.Sprinkle some flour and continue cooking till a light sandy colour appears. Add cabbage, carrots, corn kernels, capsicum, beans, peas and potatoes. Cook for 5–7 minutes on high heat.Drop in the basil sprig, oregano, chilli flakes, thyme, salt and vegetable stock. Cook till the veggies, especially potatoes, are tender. Remove from heat and strain. Let the veggies cool, then grind them into a puree with the liquid.Pour the creamy soup into a pan; add water or stock to correct the consistency. If required season with salt, pepper, and basil leaves. Bring it to a boil and serve hot.Make the vegetable stock at homePut all the ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil. Cook for an hour on low heat. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool completely. It is ready to use.

Tangy Tomato Soup

A simple and easy tomato soup recipe that can be made at home quickly, withminimum ingredients.


1 ½tbspSaffola Gold Oil4-5 nos Peppercorn2tbsp Coriander seeds1 tbsp Cumin1 small piece of Cinnamon1 no Black cardamom5 medium-sized Tomatoes1/3 cup Onion sliced6 nos Garlic cloves2 tbsp Ginger chopped(optional) – ½cup Carrot diced

For garlic beard:

ButterBread loaf/ bread slices

Steps to follow:

In a deep pan heat Saffola Gold Oil and add peppercorn, coriander seeds, cumin, cinnamon and black cardamom.Sauté for 15 seconds and add sliced onion, garlic, and ginger.Cook for 2 minutes and then add carrots. Cook for another 2 minutes and then add chilli powder.Give it a quick stir and add tomatoes (sliced into half) followed by salt and a dash of water. Stir and cover it to cook for 8–10minutes. Now add 6 cups of water along with coriander stems and cover and cook till the tomato is mushy. Remove from fire and strain through a fine mesh sieve.Press hard through the sieve to extract the pulp. Once strained place back the soup in a pan and bring to a boil and check for salt.

For garlic bread:

Mix soft butter and chopped garlic.Spread it on one side of the bread slice.Heat a pan and place the slice butter side first and cook on slow to medium heat till it turns crisp. Turnover and let it brown and then remove. Serve crisp garlic bread with hot tomato soup.

By incorporating these easy to make, well-suited to the winter season soups in your diet, you can make your meals wholesome and healthy while beating the winter chill. It’s the easy, small #rozkahealthysteps that can help build a sustainably healthy lifestyle over time.

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