UAE pushes for GCC municipal action plan

Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak expressed confidence in ongoing cooperation and supported implementing the GCC Joint Municipal Action Plan 2024-2030….reports Asian Lite News

UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment has underscored the importance of strengthening efforts to implement the GCC Joint Municipal Action Plan 2024-2030.

Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak was speaking at the 27th Meeting of the Committee of Ministers responsible for Municipal Affairs in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, held today in Doha, Qatar. 

The meeting, which was chaired by Abdullah bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Attiya, Minister of Municipality of Qatar and President of the current session, hosted the Ministers responsible for Municipal Affairs from various GCC countries. 

Addressing the meeting, Dr. Amna lauded the significant role undertaken by the municipalities of the GCC countries across various domains. She extended gratitude to the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council for facilitating collaborative efforts among the various member states.

She also expressed confidence in the ongoing cooperation and advocated the implementation of initiatives outlined in the GCC Joint Municipal Action Plan 2024-2030 in the forthcoming years.

Dr. Al Dahak said: “The world confronts numerous challenges that necessitate practical solutions in municipal operations. The leadership of the GCC states are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of communities and fine-tuning operational frameworks to foster sustainable communities. This commitment entails the establishment of comprehensive economically, socially, and environmentally integrated systems.”

She added: “Municipal action is a cornerstone for achieving these goals by engaging all sectors and individuals within our vast GCC community. In the UAE, all municipalities collaborate closely to synchronise collective efforts. The progress of municipal work is streamlined for successful execution of projects in order to achieve the proposed objectives. This commitment is aligned with the broader Gulf municipal framework that endeavours to fulfil the aspirations of our people and communities.”

The meeting covered various topics related to municipal work, such as ‘Developing legislation and municipal control mechanisms’. The UAE played an active role in this discussion, with significant contributions from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s work team.

The meeting also addressed several other topics and discussed the GCC Joint Municipal Action Plan 2024-2030. Discussions centred on implementing decisions previously made by the GCC Supreme Council regarding strategic urban planning and the urban environment related to municipal fields.

The Gulf Building Code as well as monitoring the execution of prior decisions by the Committee of Ministers responsible for Municipal Affairs regarding the Gulf Municipal Week were discussed at length.

The meeting also brought into focus the agreements with specialised organizations serving the municipal sector; the Gulf Municipal Work Conference; the GCC Municipal Award; and highlighting of the Gulf municipal initiatives in regional and international forums.

The meeting endorsed the following documents: ‘The Guide for the Use of Solar Panels in Buildings in the GCC Countries’; ‘The Guide to Procedures for Towing and Seizing Abandoned and Damaged Vehicles and Broken-Down Vehicles in the GCC Countries’; and ‘The Guide to the Requirements for Public Health Pest Control Facilities in the GCC Countries’. These guides were prepared by the UAE in close collaboration with all local-level municipalities and pertinent stakeholders from other GCC countries.

The meeting confirmed the dates for several significant events such as the third edition of the Gulf Municipal Week to take place in Kuwait in 2025; the thirteenth Gulf Municipal Works Conference in 2026; and the launch of the sixth session of the GCC Municipal Award 2025-2026. Additionally, the title of the award was officially established as ‘Best Practices in Sustainable Urban Planting’.

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