Ibiza - The Island Of Your Mind

Ibiza is the ideal place to drift away from daily rigmarole and indeed this island has taught me many lessons of life so I can move forward again to experience another adventurous journey in life…Ibiza is the island of your mind –  La Isla De Mi Mente…. A special report by Alexa Mann

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Ibiza – The Island Of Your Mind

Always wondered the attraction of people this island pulled, be it the teenage college partygoers, honeymooners, hikers or even the senior citizens. Did they come here for the fact that the very best of worlds DJ come here and have parties or just to relax and enjoy nature and serenity. I did not know until I went there to witness it myself first hand.

My journey took me more than a month to understand and cherish the moments of this place. I used to hire a tour guide on day basis who took me around the place and told me a different new story about the islands whenever I met him. His first day as my tour guide started with the introduction of five towns that made Ibiza and promised me to show them one at a time during my stay at this place. Ibiza island is divided into five towns, Ibiza being the capital city, followed by the other towns Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Sant Joan de Labritja and lastly Santa Eulària des Riu.

The whole island’s population is of 135,000 filled with residents and visitors where this number grows in good numbers during summer season. This place also offers public transportation services of buses and private taxis to move around as this made my stay most accessible. Most of the time I was using the buses to commute from one the touristic attraction to the other. You can also rent a car or a motorbike and move around throughout Ibiza at your pace and convenience.

I had decided to stay at different hostels and write my experience as the days took me by. But I guess I was wrong at that part, the noisy part of being in a hostel made me decide to call up my travel agent and book myself hotels. This way I could peacefully enjoy the stay as well as write what I came here for. So again, the first days of Ibiza I was put up in this resort called The Grand Palladium Palace.

My agent booked me this place last minute and I was lucky enough to get this booking with full board dining in their restaurants. This hotel is located near the south end of Playa d’en Bossa beach, so every day after breakfast I made a routine to go down the beach side and tried various sporting activities to keep my day occupied. As days went by so did my stay in the all inclusive resort was coming to an end, I had to shift to other hotel, I started looking for my next hotel and it was my agents idea way of telling that one place becomes too boring and wanted me to try out some other place and experience different styles of accommodation In Ibiza.

So next place of stay was in Hotel Simbad. My room was not as luxurious as the previous one but it had the modern elegant style that I was looking for, and ofcourse it was sea view side, so there was no room for complaints as the views were indeed magnificent. And last but not to forget for my last days I stayed THB Los Molinos Hotel – this place again was close to the beach in Figueretas and had good views of the old walled Town of Dalt Vila from the northern end. I also tried Las Salinas beach is the southern most tip of the island.

Ibiza – The Island Of Your Mind

Evenings were well spent here as it had lots of popular bars and restaurants which good number of  attractive clientele and affordable prices. Ofcourse not to forget the places I wondered to have my food every day. Ibiza restaurants can come as a delightful surprise to the uninitiated.

The range and quality of dining here on the island is dazzling. Some dishes which we got to taste were arroz a la marinera and bollit de peix or even with option sof meat arroz de Matanzas. Recommended restaurant to try out were O’Galego restaurant. The mariscos and fish came fresh from Galicia. The price was good and taste was very original. Cala Bassa Beach Club was also one good place I went most of my evening as this was more family oriented. I ended up with rice with lobster as they said it was highly recommended. And yeah ofcourse – I always was told to book tables in advance.

Ibiza – The Island Of Your Mind

Apart from being inside the hotel and restaurants and the beaches, I also got my myself into the shopping spree. And if you are into this, you will definitely love Ibiza. It has got its own style and I was tempted by all the shops and markets that sold everything that was either made or brought to Ibiza from all over the world. There was a long lane of flea market which had a lot of second hand products.

I would recommend you go and try them out for yourself as you will be surprised at what’s there. The two main ones are Sant Jordi’s flea market in the south and Cala Leña in the north and both open all year round. Ibiza had many tours and sightseeing to offer. It has some of its own mysteries too – for instance the uninhabited rock island made of limestone known as Es Vedra. Its at the west coast of Ibiza, in the Cala d’Hort area. This is known to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle.

The guides and tourist who come here always share their stories of this place as there is no denial that the way navigational instruments tend to go haywire in the vicinity of Es Vedra, as it was impossible to get a direct compass reading done when I was holding one in my hand. Even the birds, pigeons in particular, often lost their sense of direction when flying in this place. My guide also took me to various museums every alternate days in and around the city which were quite interesting to experience to see the island. The Museo Puget, which was also located inside the Ibiza town, showed the works of two famous artist sons of Ibiza – Puget Viñas and Puget Riquer. This museum was located inside the palace interiors and divided the works of the painters in two different galleries.

Ibiza – The Island Of Your Mind

I was told by my guide that this place in particular attracted many events exhibitions and art galleries throughtout the year with keeping in mind the Ibizan histories. I then even went to see The Archaeological Museum that was set over two sites, one in Dalt Vila and the other in the Phoenician necropolis of Puig des Molins. Another good place I visited was Formentera. Just 30 minutes from Ibiza across the water by ferry lies an enchanting island. I must say this place is famous for the cliff diving. After much forcing from my friends, I did try this adrenaline rush based adventure. It was my first time to dive into the sea from a high cliff but it was worth a try for once in life time.

Indeed Ibiza is the ideal place to drift away from daily rigmarole and indeed this island has taught me many lessons of life so I can move forward again to experience another adventurous journey in life.

(Alexa Mann is a model turned travel blogger, she has traveled extensively for various modelling assignments. Living out of the suit case, she began to pen her experiences. She shuttles between Moscow and Dubai.)



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