U.S. President Donald Trump (Xinhua/Ting Shen/IANS)

The Treasury Department of the United States on Thursday blacklisted four steel, aluminum and iron companies operating in Iran’s metals sector, as well as sales agents of Iran’s largest steel manufacturer.

The Treasury Department said in a statement it imposed sanctions on Tara Steel Trading GmbH, a Germany-based subsidiary of Mobarakeh Steel Co, three sales agents majority owned by the steel company, and Iran-based Metil Steel.

Thursday’s action also blacklisted three large aluminum, steel and iron producers in Iran, accusing them of contributing billions of dollars in sales and export of Iranian metals, Arab News reported.

The sanctions freeze any US assets held by the companies and generally prohibit Americans from dealing with them.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have spiked since Trump unilaterally withdrew in 2018 from the Iran nuclear deal struck by his predecessor, Barack Obama, and began reimposing sanctions that had been eased under the accord.

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