Meet 2 Indian entrepreneurs making their mark in 2023

Founded by Global Indian investor, Biswanath Patnaik and UK-based Indian entrepreneur, Arun Kar, FINNEST is an early-stage Private Equity investment firm that invests in visionaries with disruptive ideas…reports Asian Lite News

Two UK-based Indian Investors Biswanath Patnaik and Arun Kar got featured in magazine in one of their latest print editions. These two Indians made it to the cover page of the Forbes International Magazine brand.

Founded by Global Indian investor, Biswanath Patnaik and UK-based Indian entrepreneur, Arun Kar, FINNEST is an early-stage Private Equity investment firm that invests in visionaries with disruptive ideas. FINNEST brings more than just capital and is focused on Renewables, EVs and Hydrogen Locomotives, Innovative Technology, Consumer Market Places, Fintech, Smart Cities and Public Sector. FINNEST is governed by eminent industry experts from banking, technology, healthcare, renewables, and is led by partners, who have been founders and CEOs of successful companies, and who have domain expertise ranging from banking to telecom to consumer marketplaces.

Keeping new technology at the forefront, their team are helping founders and their companies towards a better world for the mankind. They are at the forefront of the change which they believe will benefit the society at large. Visionary Founders with strong Investor Networks, they believe in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and with the target talent pools they aim to connect entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, academics and industry experts in the technology ecosystem.

FINNEST is associated with Fortune 100/Global 500 top companies for the resources in relation to technology decision makers, influencers, and key opinion leaders. FINNEST uses this elite network as a part of company’s preamble to help and grow portfolio companies with access to insights across the entire diversified spectrum.

FINNEST has an extensive track record of investing in some of the fastest growing companies across Europe, the UK, USA, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

‘From Our Founders To Our Own Team, We Partner With The Best And Brightest – No Matter Their Background, Our Door Is Open to New Talent and Disruptive ideas’ says the Chairman Biswanath Patnaik.

Recently secured investment for FINNEST

FINNEST has secured £500m investment for upcoming & innovative technology-driven ventures across industries like Renewable Energy, Hydrogen based logistic locomotives, Environmental & Sustainability, and Economic Social Governance with non-financial factors as part of the material risk and growth opportunities. FINNEST focuses on companies that can harness techniques like green hydrogen and/or solutions that reduce the dependency on rare earth metals in battery technology. Offering the potential combined with Smart Connected vehicle technology to redefine how goods are moved primarily. They are also entering into satellites and space technology for the future.

Building upon the idea of delivering technology for good, the FinNest team are also in detailed discussions with a number of forward-thinking UK local authorities. Working in partnership to identify investment opportunities which deliver real change for local citizens by leveraging the power of Smart City technology. It remains a core philosophy of the Finnest group that by bringing the right partners together, whether public, private or 3rd sector, is the way to find the optimum path to achieve social good whilst also delivering a reasonable rate of return and thus unlocking an approach which delivers benefit for all.

FinNest also has a number of ongoing investment negotiations looking at green energy solutions with a particular emphasis on new commercial models which include local communities establishing energy service capabilities. Whilst looking to support technologies including, solar, heat, wind and tidal, FINNEST are also aware that many of the barriers to decarbonisation lay outside the pure technical challenges of energy generation.

Consistent with the FinNest aim of supporting all, they are also looking at a number of exciting emerging companies which have technology solutions which have the potential to deliver significant societal benefit.

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