OPPENHEIMER : A critical response to the 2023 movie

The whole idea of making the bomb was to confront the Imperial Japanese Army who were attacking Pearl Harbour…writes Dilip Roy

Although I saw the movie on the opening day and sat through three hours monotonous performance I stayed until the very end with anticipation that it will have references to Hindu philosophy but to my surprise there was none just a passing remark of the line “Now I am become death the destroyer of worlds” but no explanation as to what it means. However, I saw the movie once again but I did not get the answer I was hoping to find.

The movie has been huped up and over publicized over the last two years for its IMAX technologyetc. Mr Nolan thought it was important to show explicit sex scenes of Oppie having with his mistress which was completly out of context besides too much of thumping sound effects is used through out the movie. Nazi Germany features more strongly while Japan only surfaces towards the end. The whole idea of making the bomb was to confront the Imperial Japanese Army who were attacking Pearl Harbour.

Mr. Nolan has completely ignored the intellectual side of Oppie as he was popularly known, that entire process of making a bomb came from his study of  Sanskrit literature particularly the Bhgavadgita Nolan has not even done justice to the biography American Prometheus which contains lot of references to Oppie’s interest in Indian philosophy all these things  played a very pivotal role in his life as a matter of fact all most all the award winning physicist were inspired by VEDIC philosophy such as Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger who also appearin the movie believed that Quantum theory originates from India, even the likes of Albert Einstein who also appear in the movie was influenced by Hindu philosophy.

Christopher Nolan should have done some research on Indian philosophy before embarking on such crucial project. However, in my opinion this movie is a complete disaster though it will probably be a commercial success for its technical gimmicks. The script could have been shortened to two hours. Being the only highest grossing blockbuster movie of 2023 is now heading for the Oscares win as there are none in the compition. In my opinion Mr Nolan needs to do some serious introspection, if you are embarking on a serious subject like Oppenheimer one needs to do some serious study and research and not just get away with technical gimmicks.

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