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Chef Vikram Khatri  shares a hearty reci Chef Vikram Khatripe and his favourite picks that help you experience the mild flavours of Asian cuisine…reports Asian Lite News

If you’re bored of eating at your favourite restaurant or want to try some new flavours, then head to Guppy, located in the Capital’s Lodhi Market and in Mumbai.

The playful wonderland features a modern setting with a charming courtyard and bar. The chef is fiercely devoted to freshness, hygiene, technique and use light, fresh and seasonal ingredients. Most of the dishes, from mains to the condiments are made from scratch in the Guppy kitchen.

Along with being the Business head and Executive Chef, Guppy and The Poke Bar, Delhi and Hello Huppy Mumbai; Vikram Khatri is quite the ninja in the kitchen. Six years and with multiple awards, he has proven that Japanese cuisine is much more than raw seafood with an exceptionally wide selection for vegetarians and a variety of meat for non-vegetarians.

With Guppy, he explores Japan’s bold striking flavours; infusing spices, tang, and the exotic all in one bite. And at Hello Guppy, he’s given Japanese food a light-hearted touch. He shares some of his favourite dishes from the menu

Chef Vikram Khatri  shares a hearty reci Chef Vikram Khatripe and his favourite picks that help you experience the mild flavours of Asian cuisine.

Mushi Dori steamed chicken

I always felt to keep one more chicken starter, which has to be non fried. So this steamed chicken has delicate flavours of Japanese herbs just melts and tastes fantastic with Miso Hollandaise.

Baked Avocado

The buttery Plump Avocado with curried vegetables paired with healthy Buckwheat noodles is the healthy munch from Guppy’s winter menu.”

Grilled Artichoke and tomato

I Am always fond of artichokes and here they are paired with dashi poached tomatoes and on the bed of Quinoa and cauliflower porridge.

Wok-fried Soft shell crab

A perfect seafood option from Winter Sea. I just thought of dedicating it to my last meal in Singapore

Black Chicken Nabe Hot Pot

The best from Guppy’s winter menu and my personal favourite. A perfect community meal where the black chicken comes from MP Kadaknath has all good nutrition and at Guppy it gets double with all winter vegetables and soul, comforting soup, all of which is packed in a cast iron pot and served on live fire stove.

Home Chef can try the following recipe

Black Chicken Nabe


8 cups chicken stock

1 large piece of kombu (about 3 inches)

2 Country Black Chicken ( kadak nath) deboned , Boneless leg and breast cut into thin strips( 0.5 inch approx)

2 leeks, sliced into 2-inch diamond shape pieces

1/4 small head Chinese  cabbage, cut into bite-size pieces

4-6 medium shiitake mushrooms, sliced

1 medium carrot, peeled, cut into 2-inch pieces, and thinly sliced lengthwise

2 teaspoons salt/Soy (adjust to taste)

2 heads baby bok choy, cut into bite-size pieces

1 medium radish, peeled, cut into thick

7-8 tablespoon Ponzu


Put the stock and kombu (if using) in a Japanese Nabe, or other cooking pot. Heat over medium-high heat. As stock start simmering, remove the kombu.

Add the chicken and simmer over medium heat for 10-12 minutes (Depending on the size and age of chicken used, large chicken requires more time).

Add salt/soy in the stock. Check and adjust

Add the cabbage, baby Pok Choy, carrots, mushrooms, radish and leaks, arranging each ingredient in a separate, neat bunch. Sprinkle the salt over the ingredients in the pot.

Cover the pot and bring the liquid to a simmer. Simmer for 6 to 8minutes. Reduce heat if stock starts to boil.

Skim off any scum from surface of liquid while the nabe is cooking. Check for doneness and add more stock if required.

Serve entire Nabe bowl on the table. Serve the ingredients together with the broth in small bowls. Ponzu sauce can be added as desired. Serve with hot steamed rice.

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