Kashmir set to host historic G20 Summit, boosting tourism, trade

The handicraft industry is also hoping that this international-level summit will prove to be very beneficial…reports Asian Lite News

The Picturesque region of Kashmir is gearing up to host the prestigious G20 Summit for the first time in its history.

The event, which will take place from May 22 to 24 at the SKICC on the banks of the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar, is expected to have a positive impact on the tourism and trade sectors of the region. Preparations for the summit are in full swing, with the city of Srinagar being decorated like a bride to welcome the distinguished guests.

The renovation and repair of roads are being carried out at a fast pace, along with the installation of hoods and other construction works.

For the first time, work is also being done to decorate the bunkers from outside located from Srinagar International Airport to SKICC.

Department of Tourism Kashmir has also made many essential arrangements to make this summit a memorable one.

The G20 summit is expected to promote Kashmir internationally and give a new dimension to the tourism sector of Kashmir.

The tourism sector is the backbone of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir, and a record number of tourists are expected to visit Kashmir this year also. The summit will boost the tourism sector and help it touch new heights.

The handicraft industry is also hoping that this international-level summit will prove to be very beneficial.

Sheikh Ashiq, a well-known businessman and exporter of Kashmiri carpets, said, “Holding such an international summit for the first time in Kashmir is special for the whole country. This is a proud moment for Kashmir. “

“It will have a positive impact not only on the tourism sector directly but also on other related sectors. Such big events open up avenues for better publicity as well as trade, but it would be important to present things better and more efficiently,” he added.

This time, Kashmir is hosting the 3rd Working Group Meeting of Tourism, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir at the international level.

Secretary of the Department of Tourism, Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, said, “The G20 Summit Tourism will prove to be a milestone for the tourism sector, especially for international ones. This year, 300 places have been selected for the promotion of film tourism in UT.”

G20 Summit includes the European Union, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the United States.

The group meets on an annual basis and this time it is chaired by India.

G20 Summit in Kashmir is set to boost tourism and trade, providing a platform for the region to showcase its rich culture and beauty to the world.

It is a proud moment for Kashmir and a significant milestone for the tourism sector, which is expected to touch new heights with the influx of tourists.

The handicraft industry and other related sectors will also benefit from the summit, opening avenues for better publicity and trade.

The G20 Summit is not just an event, but a historic opportunity for Kashmir to shine on the world stage. (ANI)

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