Saudi: No Normalisation Without Palestinian State

Prince Faisal also emphasized Saudi Arabia’s concern over civilian casualties in Gaza, condemning what he described as the Israeli forces “crushing Gaza.” …reports Asian Lite News

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, underscored that the normalisation of ties with Israel is contingent upon resolving the Palestinian issue. Emphasizing the need for stability, Prince Faisal, in an interview with CNN aired on Sunday, stated that the only way to achieve genuine peace and regional integration in the Middle East is through a credible and irreversible process leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Expressing readiness for dialogue, not only from Saudi Arabia but also from Arab countries, the foreign minister highlighted the importance of Israel’s decision in this matter. Addressing recent Houthi attacks in and around the Red Sea, Prince Faisal reiterated Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the freedom of navigation. While advocating for the protection of this freedom, he stressed the simultaneous necessity to safeguard the security and stability of the region. The focus remains on de-escalating tensions. Prince Faisal also emphasized Saudi Arabia’s concern over civilian casualties in Gaza, condemning what he described as the Israeli forces “crushing Gaza.” He deemed such actions unnecessary and unacceptable, calling for an immediate halt to these operations. The local health ministry in Gaza has reported more than 25,000 Palestinians killed and over 62,000 wounded since Israel’s assault on the region, which began on October 7 following an attack on Israel by Hamas. The foreign minister’s remarks were part of an interview conducted during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and broadcasted on CNN. The statements reflect Saudi Arabia’s stance on critical regional issues, underlining the importance of addressing the Palestinian question for normalized relations with Israel and advocating for peace, stability, and the protection of civilians in the region.

Hamas, Israel talks to resume in Cairo

Talks between Hamas and Israel will resume this week in Cairo for a possible hostage deal and the ceasefire in Gaza.

The Middle East Envoy of US Brett McGurk will lead the talks for release of the hostages in Gaza. Sources said that the Envoy has already communicated the mediatory plans with Israel and has also communicated it to the Hamas leadership through Qatar. Earlier, there was a one week ceasefire from November 24 to December 1 in which prisoners were exchanged by both sides. Reports said that the US President has also informed the Israeli leadership to agree for a two nation theory with a full statehood for Palestine. But the Israelis have not agreed to it despite the mounting US pressure.

On October 7, last year, Hamas attacked the southern parts killing at least 1200 people, taking over 200 people as hostages. Around 105 hostages have already been released by Hamas. Israel has killed nearly 25,105 Palestinians since October 7 while injuring 62,681– mostly infants and women.

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