The Arab Foreign Ministers emergency meet condemned Iran’s occupation of UAE islands….reports Asian Lite News


The Arab Foreign Ministers have condemned the continuation of the Iranian occupation of the three UAE islands — Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa — in a resolution at the end of an emergency meeting here to discuss Tehran’s intervention in the Arab countries’ affairs.

The resolution on Sunday expressed support for peaceful measures and means the United Arab Emirates may take to restore sovereignty over its occupied islands as per international law.

The emergency Arab Foreign Ministers’ meeting was convened at the request of Saudi Arabia with support from the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait to discuss means of confronting Iranian intervention.

The ministers also condemned Iran’s continuing aggression and intervention in the Arab countries which they said fed sectarian conflicts.

Missile Issue

The Arab League Council has entrusted the Arab Group in New York to address the Security Council Secretary General on Iran’s violations of the UN Security Council Resolution No 2231 on its development of a ballistic missile programme, affirming that Tehran poses a grave threat to Arab national security.

This came at the end of the emergency meeting held in Cairo by the Arab League Foreign Ministers which was chaired by Djibouti under the title ” Iran’s Interferences in the Internal Affairs of Arab Nation”.

The Council vehemently condemned the ballistic missile fired by Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen earlier this month that was intercepted near the Saudi capital, terming the attack as a ‘flagrant aggression’ against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a ‘threat’ to the Arab national security and affirming the Kingdom’s legitimate right to defend its territories according to the Article 51 of the UN Charter.

The Council also denounced all acts of terror perpetrated by Iran in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the latest of which is the bombing of a Bahraini oil pipeline, labelling it as a terrorist act by a group supported by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and the terrorist organisation of Hezbollah.

The Arab foreign ministers also condemned the Iranian Government’s policy of interfering into the affairs of Arab countries, which sow seeds of sectarian seditions, demanding Tehran to stop its support for the groups that advocate such conspiracies, especially in the Gulf region, and cease its backing of those militias advocating violence in the Arab region, especially in Yemen.

The council denounced the Iranian officials’ rhetoric against Arab countries, demanding Tehran to put an end to its provocative acts that pose a menace to security and stability in the region.

The council also decided to ban all Iran-funded satellite channels broadcast on Arab satellites for instilling hatred and sectarian seditions.






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