Actress Anushka Sharma. (Photo: IANS)

‘Pari’ scares John Abraham, ‘Parmanu’ shifts and will now release on April 6 … reports Asian Lite News.

Anushka Sharma. (Photo: IANS)

The impending clash between Anushka Sharma’s “Pari” and John Abraham’s “Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran” on Holi has been averted.

Both the films were scheduled to open on March 2. But John has given in to box-office wisdom and “Parmanu” will now release on April 6.

Apparently John had little choice, a person close to the production said.

“Anushka Sharma’s scare-fest in ‘Pari’ is already grabbing a whole lot of attention.

“The latest promo has sent chills down the nations’s spine. Whereas John’s promotion for Parmanu has not even started. Rather than rush into release, better sense prevailed,” he said.

After a spate of flops “Parmanu” is crucial for John. The film has to work as he has signed only one film (to be directed by Milap Jhaveri) after Parmanu. John wants to take no risks. It has to work.”

So now “Pari” has March 2 all to itself.



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