Sleep Tourism: Take a break from mundane daily routine

London is a fast-paced city, but contrastingly, it is also one of the top global sleep tourism places. The city has various hotels that prioritise guests’ preferences for sleeping while travelling…reports Lothungbeni Humtsoe

Travelling used to be about experiencing new things while taking in local cuisine, sightseeing, and adventure. Today, however, vacations are planned so that individuals may unwind and get some rest.

Sleep is essential to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Realising this, individuals are now eager to take a vacation where they can unwind and sleep rather than making day-by-day plans and visiting popular tourist attractions. The practise of “sleep tourism” is quickly gaining popularity on a global scale.

Nishant Pitti, CEO and Co-Founder, of EaseMyTrip, said, “The core concept of sleep tourism is people travel to take a break from the mundane daily routine and unwind amidst the scenic beauty. It is a branch of wellness tourism where travellers plan their holidays to sleep and improve their sleep regime. Once a rare and bizarre combination of sleep and travelling, sleep tourism is gaining popularity as the new travelling norm at the global level, beyond the conventional holidaying style. The trend is gradually picking up pace in India as well and will soon become mainstream.”

Nishant shares insights on a few locations one must see if all they want to do while travelling is sleep:

Dooars, West Bengal

When it comes to sleep tourism, Dooars definitely tops the list. It is located near the Siliguri district in the northern part of West Bengal. The destination is famous for its natural beauty and lush tea estates. But there’s more. The place is home to the beautiful forests of Buxa Tiger Reserve, Gorumara National Park, and Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. One can sleep for hours in this serene place amidst a natural backdrop.

Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Mayurbhanj district in Odisha is a treasure of forests. Besides the lush greenery, the place has spring waterfalls and is known as one of the scenic landscapes. It is one of the few destinations in the country offering specially curated sleep packages and sleep-related amenities. The Belgadia Palace in the city is one such property that offers special mattresses to guests that help with back and neck aches. It also offers a pillow concierge service and a pillow menu catering to travellers’ specific issues and ailments. Additionally, the property has curated its own sleep playlist that people can listen to for quality sleep. Doctors and mental health experts are also available round-the-clock on the property’s premises for the guests’ comfort.

Nako, Himachal Pradesh

Nako is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places you’ll ever visit. It is situated in the Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh. If stories are to be believed – this place is so quiet that one can even hear a matchstick lighting, even a kilometre away! This hidden gem will give you the true experience of serenity and tranquillity. This makes it one of the go-to sleep tourism destinations where one can sleep for hours without any distractions and wake up to mesmerising views of nature’s bounty.


London is a fast-paced city, but contrastingly, it is also one of the top global sleep tourism places. The city has various hotels that prioritise guests’ preferences for sleeping while travelling. One such property is Zedwell, the first sleep-centric property, offering innovative rooms equipped with soundproof features and AI-powered mattresses. Another hotel, the Cadogan, offers unique sleep concierge services, inclusive of sleep-inducing meditation recordings, a pillow menu, the option of a weighted blanket, scented pillow mist, etc.

New York

New York is an adventurous and fashionable city but is now counted amongst the leading global sleep tourism destinations as well. The city’s Park Hyatt introduced the Bryte Restorative Sleep Suite last year, considered the hotel’s signature room type. Every suite has 90 intelligent cushions that can sense, adjust and relieve the body’s pressure points, thereby ensuring guests have quality sleep. The mattresses in the rooms control the climate and track and provide sleep statistics and insights that can be accessed on your phone. All such features help travellers improve their sleep routines and inculcate healthy sleeping habits.

“Sleep tourism aims to offer travel experiences specifically designed to provide quality sleep. Travellers opt for picturesque locations, peaceful spots and pleasant weather. Additionally, they desire luxury hotels and resorts that offer services beyond the usual cosy bedding, where they can hop into their rooms, pull the curtains and sleep without setting up an alarm. Facilities like soundproof rooms, recorded sleep meditations, readily available nap consultations, targeted spa treatments, etc., are in high demand that can help travellers sleep like a baby while holidaying. The hotel industry is adapting to this recent innovation and is making concerted efforts to provide such amenities to guests. Sleep tourism is no less than a boon for sleep-deprived souls who are looking for ways to hit the sack while vacationing,” concludes Nishant.

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