UAE tops AI infra in Arab region

Besides topping several global and Arab indices in different fields including smart government, telecommunication, education, health and digital solutions, reports Asian Lite News

The Digital Transformation in the UAE Report 2020 released by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has revealed the many first and the efforts made by the Emirate in making it the hub of digital transformation globally.

Besides topping several global and Arab indices in different fields including smart government, telecommunication, education, health and digital solutions, the UAE has also emerged as the leader in artificial intelligence infrastructure in the Arab region.

Commenting on the report, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director-General of TDRA and Head of Digital Government, said, “The achievements highlighted by this report are fruits of accumulated efforts and vision of the wise leadership to set the UAE as a leading model for future foresight and happiness on basis of technology, advanced science and digital transformation. I appreciate the efforts of federal and local government entities, which worked as one team in harmony to serve the UAE’s objective of digitalising government services.”

In the health sector, UAE has been ranked first in the number of accredited medical facilities index. Accredited medical facilities which met required standards (including IT management and employment in healthcare services) reached 88.33 percent. It has been ranked 12th in health infrastructure.

In the economic sector, UAE has been ranked first in several indices, including public-private partnership and its impact on technology development, use of virtual professional networks, and government purchase of advanced technology products.

UAE has also been ranked first in the Arab region for its readiness in future index, IMD’s digital competitiveness index, and market value of information and media technology index.

With regard to capacity building, the UAE has been ranked fourth globally in the legal framework’s adaptability to digital business models, second in ICT usage, big data usage and analysis, and government future orientation.

The report also reveals on the achievements of federal and local governments in the field of digital transformation. The initiatives by the UAE includes orientation to paperless government, digital service platforms, and digital connection among government entities through the Federal Network (FedNet), UAE Pass and Government Service Bus (GSB). The initiatives also reveal the optimistic strategies approved by the government to enter the age of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

“In the UAE, we are determined to save no efforts to enhance the due position of the UAE since the start of the Union and under directions of our wise leadership. Today, we achieved many top ranks, particularly in digital transformation, under the directions of our leadership and with the help of our national cadres. We prepare for the next fifty years to make more achievements,” said Al Mansoori.

UAE tops mobile phone network coverage

The UAE has been ranked first globally in mobile broadband internet subscriptions, mobile phone network coverage, mobile broadband subscriptions, and wireless broadband. The report referred to a set of leading initiatives related to information society and digital economy, including the E-Health Information System ‘Wareed”, robotic pharmacy, eService integration, and Human Resources Management Information System (Bayanati).

In the economic and security sectors, the UAE has made significant achievements, including the development of “Start your business in 15 minutes”, the police station in your phone, and the Hassantuk project.

The report highlighted the UAE’s smart platform for big data and transition to IPV6. The UAE is the first country at the regional level to apply IPV6, the federal network “FedNet” and the digital identity “UAE PASS”.

The report reviewed achievements made at the level of local governments of the seven emirates of the UAE, highlighting the large volume of work that has been achieved in terms of digital transformation of public services. These achievements enhance the UAE’s orientation towards a new brighter future in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, space and the digital knowledge society.

Forty years to the top

The report states the story of digital transformation in the UAE, which started in the early 1980s with the establishment of the Public Information Authority. That authority was responsible for the automation of government processes and the introduction of computer in federal government work. The report highlighted some achievements in the digital world till 2021, the year of the UAE golden jubilee and preparation for the next fifty years.

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