‘Chinese Firm Providing Cybersecurity For Khalistan Referendums’

With Canada trying to muster the support of the Five Eyes, the Alliance of five White, English-speaking nations, India too found support from South Asian neighbours Bangladesh and Sri Lanka….writes Rahul Kumar Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s accusations against India over the murder of Khalistani accused Hardeep Singh Nijjar are now regular page-one screechy headlines globally, particularly in the Western English media. However, as days have passed, Trudeau finds himself...

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Erdogan Vows New Constitution

Erdogan has been pushing for a new constitution to replace the current one, which was ratified...

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Bengaluru Startups Embrace Co-Working

As the trend is catching up, entrepreneurs are also explaining that co-working spaces are also helping in crucial networking…reports Asian Lite News IT city Bengaluru, which is hailed as a cradle of startups, is witnessing a trend of startups opting for more flexible offices known...

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Eating Green: The Ultimate Guide to a Plant-Based Diet

Combining different protein sources throughout the day will help you to ensure that you get all essential amino acids. You can also consume plant-based protein supplements like pea or soy protein powders if needed…says Sangeeta Tiwari. The plant-based diet is all the rage in town,...

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