Top Islamic Forum WML Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti

This is the first time the organization has extended its tribute to the leader of India’s Independence Movement…reports Asian Lite News In a historic first, the Makkah, Saudi Arabia-based Muslim World League has paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 153rd birth anniversary. Hailing Mahatma Gandhi for being a pioneer of the philosophy of non-violence, the Muslim World League, for the first time, paid tribute to Gandhi and said that...

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BMW to use Amazon Alexa technology

The automaker announced its plans during Amazon’s devices launch event late on Wednesday…reports Asian Lite News German automaker BMW has announced to use Amazon Alexa technology to develop its next-generation voice assistant. BMW started offering Alexa assistant in select cars in 2018. This time, the...

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Mindful practices into your everyday routine

Among many other formal meditation techniques, there are those that emphasise breathing awareness, compassion or kindness, or the use of mantras or other specific words or phrases. Every meditation technique is built on the simple act of becoming aware of the present moment…reports SHEELA KRISHNASWAMY...

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