ESA saves its Mars rover mission after fallout with Russia

Russia was the mission’s main partner and was responsible for providing the Proton launch vehicle and crucial parts of the rover’s landing platform, ensuring its safe descent and operation on the Martian surface…reports Asian Lite News The European Space Agency has secured a critical lifeline for its ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover through a newly signed agreement with Nasa. It helps mark a significant milestone in the recovery of the mission,...

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In a tense Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Meta CEO stood to offer a public apology to families affected by the...

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Major Funding Boost for Indian Startups

Among the growth-stage deals, seven startups secured around $207.2 million in funding last week. Microfinance firm Annapurna Finance secured the highest funding of $72 million…reports Asian Lite News More than $239 million was raised by 26 Indian startups in funding last week, which includes nine...

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Proper Nutrition in Pregnancy Key to Preventing Bone Loss

Some women with inadequate levels of calcium, and vitamin D are likely to suffer from pregnancy-associated osteoporosis…reports Asian Lite News Proper intake of calcium and vitamin D in pregnancy may be key for good bone health in women during and after birth, said experts on...

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