Sleazy campaign targets Pakistani judges

Pakistan judges who spoke out against intelligence agencies’ interference in judiciary are now target of a sleazy campaign … writes Dr Sakariya Kareem The judges of Islamabad High Court (IHC), who recently raised their voices against the interference of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies in judicial matters, are now the target of an immoral campaign where their integrity is being questioned. Earlier this year, six senior IHC judges penned a letter to...

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G20 Presidency Drives Global Digital Public Infrastructure Agenda

In Part 3 of the report, a forward-looking perspective is presented, outlining a strategic blueprint for elevating DPI across various sectors, as well as on a global scale through a range of its policy recommendations…reports Asian Lite News The final report of India’s G20 Task...

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Healthcare Leaders Urge Infra Investment, Tax Reforms in Union Budget

During the interim budget, the government had announced widening the coverage by including Anganwadi and ASHA workers. The experts urged the government to further widen the coverage by including the excluded self-employed, seniors above 70 years old, and other weaker groups…reports Asian Lite News Prioritising...

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